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What to Wear: Special Occasion Dressing Tips

Daily Fashion Juice
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basic Tips to Dressing for a Special Occasion
by René Rivers

With the world gasping, and ever so waiting for the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William, the media is heavily saturated with pondering ideas of what guests will be wearing.  Here are some simple tips to give you basic do’s and don’ts on what to wear if you were attending an occasion of epic proportions.  Weddings set high fashionable standards apart from your basic daily and evening wear.   

The fun thing about weddings is you get to play dress up, yet remembering you do not want to upstage the bride in terms of what you wear.  Keep your chosen outfit elegant, but not too over the top.  It’s not your typical night out with the girls or an after five cocktail hour.  Jacket and skirt ensembles are popular at weddings, worn with a nice pair of pumps or strappy high sandals; whereas a fabulous dress and high heel sandals or pumps, the look not overly accessorized, are equally welcome.  Wear seasonal colors, especially at a spring/summer wedding.  

NZGirl,, offers recommendations like the Hepburn dress, or a cropped cardigan paired with a nice skirt and a silk shell.  The Mi Piaci Scoot high heel, open toe pumps are a perfect match for the Hepburn dress and cardigan ensemble.

Hats are popular at social functions and special occasions, including church.  Selecting a hat can be a bit tricky.  Base the colors on what you’re wearing.  Stay away from overly large hats.  Remember at a wedding, guests will be seated behind you.  Don’t go for the too frilly hat.  Keep it as simple and tasteful as possible.

And one more thing, if you have to second guess it, definitely don’t wear it!

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