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Royal Wedding social fever has hit!

Daily Fashion Juice
Tuesday April 26, 2011

Living Socially Networked

by René Rivers

Reports circulated that BBC America will carry uninterrupted live coverage of the royal wedding.  Recently YouTube announced they will stream the mega event live as well.  Tweets continue to generate intense buzz among many other social networks about the royal couple, in addition to the main media coverage they’ve received since their engagement was officially announced.

With the day near, it’s expected that 10,000 are expected to gather outside of Westminster Abbey.  Security will be heavy ensuring everyone’s best behavior, all over the world billions will be tuning in to witness their matrimonial.

On the US west coast International Monarchist League – Los Angeles Chapter will be hosting a dinner and dance honoring the lovely Miss Catherine Middleton and Prince William at The Proud Bird Restaurant, Friday, April 29, 6:00 PM, located at 1022 Aviation Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90045.  Tickets are available at $60 per person.  Contact Mrs. Marion White, 310 514-3773, for ticket availability.  Go to for more information.

This is why social networks are mega media online resources.  They play major roles to linking party goers to the best venues for the hottest and liveliest entertainment around town.  And Twitter reigns supreme for many of the posted events.  You can also find events on, Facebook, social meet-up groups, and local calendars of circulars and newspapers.

Creating friends in social networks can sometimes be a win-win for everyone, always staying informed and involved. Too, many nightclub venues, like The Savoy, offers free online registration with regular email updates on events and special occasions such as all black events, comedy hour, live entertainment, sporting occasions, and much more.

These avenues provide pathways towards staying in the know and being on the forefront of social existence.

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