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One Shoulder Dresses

Daily Fashion Juice
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 

The Elegance and Allure of One Shoulder Dresses

By René Rivers

Style File spotlights the alluring designs of one shoulder dresses. From Calvin Klein to Karen Miller, to Jessica Simpson, to designers unheard of, one shoulder dresses have generated a huge fashion buzz. Dazzled in an array of styles, colors, and a galore or glam and elegance, they cater to every occasion.

This two-colored one shoulder dress offers a design of double ruffles with a sexy deep neckline, set atop a pencil skirt providing a slimmed and appealing look.  The double ruffles comes from the front left side, wrapping around the right shoulder ending at the back left side, just at the top of the skirt line.  No zippers…simply pull up or over and you’re ready to step out for the evening.   

Not only is Jessica Simpson designing fun, stylish shoes for every season, every occasion, work or play, she brings us into color with her delightful collection of one shoulder dresses that are equipped for daytime fun or sexy evening wear.

This lovely evergreen one shoulder taffeta dress by Jessica Simpson, found at, is designed with an asymmetrical neckline, a jeweled accent at the ruffle that droops down at the side, a side zipper, and a sexy split.  It brings an old-fashioned look that is very couture. 

Overall one shoulder designs have also fashioned many wedding and evening gowns, creating a magic that is beyond breath taking. Regardless of the flair or simplicity of the gown or dress, the style is complementary to any occasion.

BCBGMAXAZRIA offers their one shoulder designs, whether in short flirty dresses, or long elegant gowns.  An investment in one shoulder dresses can be a step in the right direction of trying something new and different that’s elegantly unique and chic.

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