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Gold Glitter and All Its Glory

Daily Fashion Juice
Friday, June 3, 2011

Gold Glitter and All Its Glory

By René Rivers

The shoe industry is equipped with various styles catering to everyone’s taste.  Shoe designers across the world are continuing to go above and beyond the expectations of what every self-proclaimed shoe-fanista is looking for in something new, different and unique.

Let’s give all hale to the creators of gold glitter high heel shoes!  We have seen an explosion of the beautifully styled shoes and Christian Louboutin is leading the race with his gutsy and bold styles, taking the shoe industry by storm.  The signature red sole promotes a high level of glam to the hot, sexy look of today’s gold glitter high heel shoes, giving many shoe designers a run for their money.  They are a fabulous addition to your wardrobe offering the right to diva status.

On the other hand not everyone can afford the famed Louboutin gold glitter high heel shoes.  Fortunately other designers have been ramping up the shoe waves putting their own spin on the must-have shoes.  This makes it possible for anyone on a budget to own a pair in different styles from various resources.

For example these beautiful gold glitter T-Strap high heels with the zipper back (as shown) comes from and can also be found at where shoes of this magnitude does not cost a fortune.  Recommended exclusively for evening or special occasions, they grant you immediate recognition for being the best dressed when you enter the room …all eyes will be on you.

Gold glitter high heel shoes, wherever you get them from, are a great addition to any shoe-fanista’s shoe collection.  If you choose to go with Louboutin’s gold glitter high heel shoes it is recommended that you make your investment count by choosing the style that best describes you.

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